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Bringing Patriots Together Across the Nation

Our Mission

      The mission statement of The Angry Viking is that regardless of race, ethnicity, sex  or religion, we are all Americans. We will foster opportunities of patriotism and social gatherings in the form of rallies that will allow us to provide leadership, encourage the rights of the Constitution and form an alliance with all Patriots across the United States.   We do not seek to insight a revolution; however, we will defend our lives, liberties, and properties as necessary. Aggression/violence will always be a last resort, and should only be used as a defense against overwhelming assault

     We are not a militia. We are not white supremacists. We are patriots that love the United States of America and the freedom she has given all citizens. We support our U.S Military, the U.S. Constitution and our First Responders and we honor the sacrifices of those that have served for us both at home and abroad

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Lets Change The World With Humanity
How Could You Help

If you can donate clink the link above to help support our cause. 

Come share your thoughts in our forums and say hello to fellow patriots!

If you have some free time contact us about how you can volunteer your time.

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    Washington DC
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